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Give identity to your car

Wrapping a car with vinyl films will be suitable to implement the most various design ideas. It is provided either due to a wide color and shade palette which is available thanks to our cooperation with the main world manufacturers of vinyl films, or due to an opportunity to use different film types. Among interesting options there are matte films, original AMG, BMW M colors, carbon or chrome imitation. This variety of options is available for clients of the DC Tuning company.

It is important not to be lost in such a big variety and choose a good manufacturer of materials. We have chosen the best suppliers of vinyl in each price category for you, and we are ready to offer several options to implement any design ideas.

An individual approach to each client and impressive experience will allow to pick up that option which will emphasize the necessary style or character of a car owner.

Our expert wrappers are true seasoned professionals with long-term experience under their belt. Thanks to it and the high reliability level of the used materials we can guarantee fast and high-quality wrapping and durability of our work that is also important. DC Tuning experts take regular part in thematic exhibitions and competitions. One of the significant results is the 1st place in the championship among experts of wrapping cars in Stuttgart at the Viscom exhibition and the 3rd place in the Hexis The Battle championship at the Sema Show 2016 exhibition in Las Vegas.

In addition to the international competitions we also take regular part in different auto shows and other actions which take place in Russia, and first of all in St. Petersburg. Thanks to it and also our practical experience it is possible to tell with confidence that addressing to the DC Tuning company, you receive the highest service level, and true seasoned professionals will be engaged in your car.

Autovinyl is not only our work, it is our passion.

We have been engaged in professional wrapping of cars more than 7 years
Greatest design opportunities
The range of films allows to satisfy needs of any car owner.
Fast and qualitative result
Upon wrapping each element of a car body is covered separately and carefully in contrast to other ways.
Additional protection of a car body
The film protects the paint coating of a car body.
Ease of recovery at damage
If the vinyl covering is scratched, it can be updated or replaced completely easily. The same can’t be said for normal paint, for example.
Watch video as we work
You call or drive up to us in our office for check-up examination of your car and the choice of material.
We order the film and define date of work performance. Usually the film delivery takes from 2 to 12 days.
You bring your car to the appointed date, we accept your car to work with it and draw up the acceptance report.
In 3-7 days after completion of wrapping we invite you for check-up examination and we issue the guarantee certificate.
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