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Protective film

Keep factory exterior of your car

Protective film (Polyurethane) is the most effective protection way of paint coating of your car against mechanical damages. The wrapping with qualitative anti-gravel film will allow to avoid shears, scratches and broken-in elements which can result from striking of gravel from under wheels of front cars and also upon using a car. The film improves mechanical firmness of paint coating and protects from the influence of chemically active agents, and also adds additional vibrant gloss and hydrophobe effect.

The DC Tuning company uses only the most qualitative protective films of such manufacturers as Hexis (France), Suntek (USA). The most widespread film of Hexis Bodyfence has thickness of 150 microns, has effect of self-recovery. Scratches appear on a car body upon free jet blasting, washing a car or because of bushes on roadsides. All these scratches will disappear from the surface of protective BodyFence film due to heat of the glaring sun or simple washing with hot water.

Headlights, mirrors
7500 руб.
Hood, bumper, headlights
от 35000 руб.
Hood, bumper, headlights, mirrors, fenders
от 55000 руб.
Hood, bumper, headlights, mirrors, fenders, supporting blocks, body sills
от 65000 руб.
1 stage
Two-phase washing of a car body with primary degreasing.
2 stage
Cleaning of bituminous pollution with body clay, if necessary polishing.
3 stage
Wrapping body elements with polyurethane film.
4 stage
In 5-7 days after wrapping check-up examination and if necessary correction.
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